Wednesday, December 5, 2012

C4T Last Summary

A Geeky Momma's Blog

I was assigned to read and comment on Lee Kolbert's blog, A Geeky Momma's Blog. I found her blog to be very interesting and I enjoyed reading her blog posts. Her first post that I commented on is titled, "Are You Driving A Race Car Or Horse And Buggy". This post addresses the issue of teachers and schools using technology in the classroom. Many refuse to make use of all the technology out there to teach their students. Mrs. Kolbert refers to these teachers as driving a horse and buggy, instead of a race car. If they want their students to succeed then they need to adopt 21st century teaching methods.

My response:


My name is Elizabeth Mims and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading this post. I thought your analogy was clever and interesting. I feel like if teachers and schools do not want to make use of the technology out there, then they do not support giving their students the best education possible. Times are changing and the world is advancing. Our schools need to support 21st century teaching because the future depends on it. Our students depend on it. Thank you for the eye-opening post!

Second Post:

The second post I commented on was titled, Sexist or Silly? and it bright attention to a controversial school assignment on gender bias. The assignment required students to put the list of toys into categories based on whether they are for boys, girls, or both. One little girl forced all of the items in the category labeled "both". In response, her teacher gave her an F on the assignment. The girl's father was outraged by the assignment and grade his daughter received. He took his anger to Twitter, thus gaining media attention. The question Mrs. Kolbert asks are whether the father overreacted, did the teacher do anything wrong, and how could this situation have been handled better? She welcomed comments with reader's own answers and opinions on the matter.

My response:


I felt as though the father should have spoken to the teacher first, before he turned to Twitter. In fact, I hate how people turn to the internet more and more to make a statement or get attention. He didn't know the teacher's full intent for the assignment. The teacher in return, should of given more detailed instructions for the worksheet. Also, I don't see how the student should have failed the assignment when, in her opinion, the toys can be for both boys and girls. There are girls who are tomboys, which means they probably don't play with Barbie dolls. While I don't completely agree with this assignment, I don't think it's something to make a big deal about. Also, the whole situation should have been handled better.

Elizabeth Mims

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