Sunday, December 9, 2012

C4K Last Summary

Vitulli and Santoli: Eyes on Ireland

I read and commented on Dr. Viitulli and Dr. Santoli's blog post Now For The Conference. Drs. Vitulli and Santoli are visiting Ireland for the Ireland International Conference on Education. This post was an interesting read that included pictures from the conference. Dr. Santoli writes in this blog post how she and Dr. Vitulli have met many people from all over the world. Each day of the conference, there is a keynote speaker. The speakers have raised questions such as, "How has technology and access to information challenged notions of academic integrity? What can we do in our K-12 classrooms to make students aware of academic integrity issues and of our expectations in this area?". The conference they attended seems educational and inspiring.

My Response:

Hello Dr. Santoli,

My name is Elizabeth Mims and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I really enjoyed reading your post and others that you have penned about your trip to Ireland. I really like how Dr. Cooper asks that we refer to people with learning disabilities as those who learn differently. After all, we all learn differently, so why should some be labeled as having a learning disability? I think attending a conference with the focus on education would be fascinating and so informative! Thank you for sharing your experiences from your trip with us!


The blog post I read was written by a young girl named Bethany. Her post was titled, Napoleon and Josephine. Her post gives readers a brief history lesson on the lives of Napoleon and Josephine. From the time they courted and were married to their divorce, and everything in between. The post included a couple of images to look at while one read.

My Response:

Hello Bethany,

My name is Elizabeth Mims and I am a student at the University of South Alabama, which is in Mobile, Alabama. I was assigned to comment on your blog as part of an assignment in my EDM 310 class.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post about Napoleon and Josephine. I never learned much about Napoleon and Josephine in high school, so I was intrigued when I began reading your post. What a disaster their marriage was! In a way, I feel very badly for Napoleon, however he should of just divorced Josephine. Again, thank you for the history lesson.

Kayla K's Blog

Kayla is a student in Mr. Boylen's class. Her blog post that I commented on is called, Hobbies. In her post, Kayla talks about the different hobbies she has. She plays sports, cooks and bakes, and makes jewelery. The sports she plays are volleyball, basketball, and track. She mentions in her post, how important it is to communicate while playing. She has a very busy life and seems to enjoy every minute of it.

My response:

When I commented on Kayla's blog post, I told her how I used to play soccer and run cross country in high school. I love baking, as well. I told her to keep up with playing sports because it is good to have an active lifestyle. I told her see had a good head on her shoulders and to keep blogging.

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