Thursday, November 8, 2012

C4T Teacher #3

This week I was assigned to read and comment on Lara Bishop's blog titled, "Welcome To Ms. Lara's Jungle. The first post I comment on was called, "Reaching Out To The Community, Even In 4-K." In this post, Ms. Bishop explains how important it is to help out in the community, even in preschool. Ms. Bishop says, in her post, how even the younger children can help give to charity. Simply ask the child to pick out some clothes and toys he or she no longer uses. They can also pick out a few grocery items to donate to a food pantry. The children will be learning a valuable lesson that will stick with them the rest of their lives.

The comment I left Ms. Bishop included words of praise for being such a good role model to her students. I agreed with her that it is never too early to start teaching children how to be caring and upstanding citizens. I was surprised to see from the picture Ms. Bishop included, all the grocery items her class collected for the food pantry.

The second post I commented on is called, "In 4-K, We're Always Up To Something! Look to see What We've Been Doing." This post consisted mostly of class pictures of Ms. Bishop's students during holiday programs. They did a fall nursery rhyme program, a Thanksgiving dinner, a pumpkin decorating contest, and a Christmas program. I enjoyed looking at the students in their costumes and at their unique pumpkins. I told Ms. Bishop that I could hardly wait to have my own classroom so I could find fun and educational activities for them to do. I always enjoyed class programs because the planning and practice was always fun and then we got to invite our families to watch. Ms. Bishop seems like a fun and caring teacher who believes in having lots of activity in the classroom. I hope to be a teacher like that, as well.

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