Thursday, November 8, 2012

C4K October

Reilly's Blog

For my first C4K assignment for October, I was required to comment on a post from a student named Reilly. Reilly is in the 4th grade and the post I commented on is a poem called, "Morning Greetings." Reilly's poem was so descriptive and well written. I can picture myself standing in a beautiful garden watching the sun rise. The birds are chirping and it's going to be a beautiful day! I advise everyone to click on the link and read this poem first-hand. I told Reilly his poem put the biggest smile on my face and to continue writing.

Claire's Blog Post

This was by far my favorite post to read and comment on. Claire's post is called "Decreasing Biodiversity And Why You Should Care" and it's about how important biodiversity is because it creates the complex patterns of life that exist on Earth. Claire mentions how global warming is destroying our ecosystem, and why we must step into action and change the way we live or we could face serious consequences. We must protect the endangered plants and animals for they livelihood, as well as ours.

The comment I left Claire on her blog post included me mentioning how passionate I am about the environment. If only people took the time to reduce, reuse, and recycle! Along with her post, Claire has a picture of a couple of polar bears on ice caps. Polar bears are a species on the brink of extinction due to rising temperatures and melting ice caps. If we don't do something now to protect our planet, we will certainly regret it.

Kailin's Blog

This week, I was assigned to read the blog of a young girl named Kailin. Her blog is cleverly called, "Keen Kailin". The post I decided to comment on was called, "Kailin's Poem." Her poem is actually a cheer that her softball team chants during their games. I told Kailin that I remember this particular cheer because my softball team used to chant it too. This was her cheer:

"Once there was a froggy that sat up on a log

he cheered for the other team and had no sense at all

he fell into the water and bumped his little head

and when he got back up this is what he said

go go go go you mighty rebbles fight

fight fight fight you mighty rebbles win

win win win you mighty rebbles go fight

win until the very end."

I told Kailin that it was nice to know the cheer is still being used all over the country because it used to be my all-time favorite.

Miyu's Blog

The final blog post I read for October was by a young girl named, Miyu. Miyu's post was titled, "Whale Shark." In addition to her post, Miyu added a vivid image of a whale shark. In her post, Miyu mentions that the whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean and they can grow larger than a bus! I told Miyu that I didn't realize whale sharks could get bigger than a bus, but it gives me a good idea of how large they are. Although many people are afraid of whale sharks, these sharks are truly magnificent creatures.

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