Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog Assignment #13

A Vision of Students Today

The video, A Vision of Students Today was created by Michael Wesch and the students of Introduction to Anthropology, class of 2007, from Kansas State University. This video summarizes some of the characteristics of students today, including how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, dreams, and hopes, and what kind of changes they will experience in a lifetime.

I found this video to be informative and eye-opening. The setting for this video is a classroom full of 200 students. As the video plays on, each student holds up a piece of paper with a fact or statistic about college life and how students must multitask to get everything done in a day. A day that consists of 26.5 hours! The video talks about how students pay hundreds of dollars for textbooks they may use only a couple of times in class. Students don't attend class, even though they are paying for it, and when they are in class they spend their class time on their phones, the internet, or Facebook. Students will be in extreme debt by the time they graduate college. They may have a job that does not even exist today. The video also brings to light how these students are indeed lucky. Over one billion people in the world make less than a dollar a day. A laptop costs more than what some people make in a year!

This video about students in college hits the nail on the head. I am already dreading having to pay back my student loans. I feel like students are cheated when purchasing textbooks. We spend hundreds of dollars each semester on books, and when we try to sell them back to the school, we don't even get half of our money back. Professors have been sympathetic to this problem and inform students if they need to buy the book or not. They even encourage renting books online. I wish I had done that from the beginning. I try not to miss class because I know I am paying for it, but it's astonishing to see the number of students who drop the class or just skip it. They are still paying for it! I enjoy and learn more from classes that require doing homework assignments and projects. Classes that are lecture-based are not only boring but not an effective way to teach and learn. Also, students are more tempted to skip. A class like EDM 310 would absolutely motive students to do their work and prepare them for the future. Furthermore, I personally think the cost for attending college is a bit ridiculous, but who's going to listen to me? Overall, this video is so true and I am glad these issues have been brought into perspective.

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