Tuesday, October 9, 2012

C4K September

Miriam's Magical Moments

For my first C4K assignment, I commented on a post from a girl named Miriam. Her blog is called Miriam's Magical Moments. I commented on one of her posts called, "Visiting the LACMA Museum" which was about her visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Miriam posted pictures and a description of three of her favorite paintings. She even got to see several interesting Egyptian artifacts, including a mummy. Miriam and her family did not get to see all of the exhibits because the museum was so big. After her visit to the museum, she and her family visited family in the area.

After I read Miriam's post about her trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, I commented that I liked how she picked three of her favorite paintings to share on her post. In her post, she asked the question, "Which painting is your favorite?" so I told her that I really enjoyed the painting, Two Girls Reading. I enjoyed this painting because it reminded me of when my cousin and I were younger. I also loved the hats the girls were wearing. I enjoyed seeing the photo of the mummy on Miriam's post, as well.

Faaiua @Pt England School

My second C4K assignment was to comment on a post from the blog of a girl named Faaiua. Her blog is called, Faaiua @Pt England School. The post I commented on was called, "My Family" and it was all about Faaiua's family. In return, I told her a little bit about my own family. I told her all about my brother and sister. She is a middle child like I am. I read through some of her other posts, and told her I enjoyed her stories and writings.

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