Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Assignment #8
Richard Miller: This is How we Dream, Parts 1 and 2

In part one of Richard Miller's This is How We Dream, Miller talks about how the writing process has changed in the classroom and in the culture. He starts by saying how he thinks this is the greatest change in human communication in history. Today, we are able to communicate instantly with others from all over the world. We are gradually moving away from only using pen, paper, and textbooks, and beginning to see more use of technology in the classroom. We are no longer restricted to visiting libraries and reading books to find information. We have it at the touch of our fingertips, and, amazingly enough, it is constantly being updated. We can now compose print, film, and sound documents through the internet. Once material has been shared on the internet, it will remain there forever, and can be shared with anyone.

In part two, Miller continues with his lecture about how "writing with multi-media" is important and why teachers should use this method in their classrooms. Dr. Miller is passionate about the change from a reading/writing culture to a listening/watching culture. He mentions iTunes U as a way to compose academic information. One of the things Dr. Miller said that really stood out to me was that ideas do not belong to us individually, rather they belong to us as a culture, and should absolutely be shared.

I firmly believe in having a 21st century classroom where my students have full access to the technology they will need to receive the best education. As I have said before, textbooks are outdated and limited, whereas the internet is full of endless sources and possibilities. My view of a 21st century classroom is one where the students are kept busy with hands on activities that use technology to its fullest, and they actually are enjoying learning.
Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12

After reading Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12, I became inspired by Carly's enthusiasm for becoming an educator and all of the dedication she has put into this blog. After exploring this post in particular, it appears that we will soon be creating our own blog post assignment for Dr. Strange to use. I don't know yet what type of assignment I will create but I want it to be different and useful for the classroom. I can see that Carly took a lot of time to think and plan out what her assignment would be. I know students would have fun finding all of the videos she asked for. I will definitely come back to her blog for future reading and guidance.

EDM 310 is Different

In the video, The Chipper Series, Chipper is a college student who was in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama but dropped because she disagreed with Dr. Strange's teaching methods. Her work was never turned in on time, either. Her first plan of action after dropping out was to start her own pilot school. After she failed at that, she got a job teaching. She was fired not long after she was hired for not showing up. After many failed career attempts, Chipper finally comes to the realization that it is in her best interest to return to the University and earn her degree.

The video, EDM 310 for Dummies, is a humorous video about two EDM 310 students who are having a difficult time understanding how to do the required assignments. Viewers can see the students becoming frustrated and on the brink of madness from struggling with this class. They do, however, have the option to buy the book "EDM for Dummies" which gives tutorials on how to use Twitter, Blogger, Skype, Delicious, etc. After the students buy this book, they begin to excel with their assignments and actually enjoy them.

I found both videos to be very educational. I believe I am getting better with procrastinating on my schoolwork but there is always room for improvement. Also, if I don't understand an assignment or I need extra help I will try and utilize the EDM 310 lab more. I think it would be a neat idea to make a video explaining how the lab works and all the ways students can contact the staff for help. That way, students can get the help they need right away instead of stressing out about an assignment.
Learn to Change, Change to Learn

The video, Learn to Change, Change to Learn discusses the need for change in the classroom. The teachers in the video are promoting the use of technology in the classroom and 21st century learning. They are saying that students will be more successful if they are allowed to use technology in school and for assignments and activities. Times are changing so why should students be forced to learn by outdated methods. Who actually enjoys listening to lectures and taking noted everyday? No one! Students are already using all forms of technology every day. They use cell phones and computers to email and explore the internet. They are living in an age of global communication, so we need to adjust our teaching styles to keep up with our ever-changing culture.

I enjoyed watching this video, because I agree with what was being said. I believe that we need to change our teaching methods to accommodate our students. They are thirsty for new and exciting ways of learning. Technology is the answer! There are so many activities and learning exercises students can do using all different types of technology. I personally enjoy Blogger, Timetoast, Skype, and Twitter, to name a few. I almost feel like we are failing our students if we don't adopt a 21st century classroom where they can learn and grow.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

The first tool I discovered is called Edmodo. This site is a great way for teachers and students to communicate. It has a similar layout to Facebook except it is specifically designed for the classroom. It literally took a second to join and it seems like a great tool for the classroom. I would use to keep up with the school calender and upload assignments. There's a wall one can write on if need be, just like Facebook. Students can post comments or questions and others can respond. This would be a safe, effective, and fun way for classroom communication.

A tool I have never used is called Smilebox. This website allows you to organize your pictures into collages, slideshows, or scrapbooks. You can make invitations and cards, as well. I would enjoy using this site in my classroom to organize class pictures or have my students work on their own collages and scrapbooks. How fun!

Poll Everywhere is a great tool that I used to create my very own poll. It literally took less than 30 seconds. I can see myself using this tool in my classroom. I would have my students create their own polls and ask everyone to vote in each one.


  1. I like your idea about a movie on how to make the most of the lab!

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  2. "I think it would be a neat idea to make a video explaining how the lab works and all the ways students can contact the staff for help. That way, students can get the help they need right away instead of stressing out about an assignment."

    Dr. Strange stole my comment! Lol. I LOVE this idea. As a student I would find this VERY helpful.

    You're post was very well written and you can tell you did all parts of the assignment to the fullest! I did think that it was a bit "wordy". Your paragraphs were so long that it made reading it a little difficult.